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Milliners from around the world have brought these mild mannered flat woven buntal mats to life.  They can be used for edgy caps to racewear hats.

Tracy Mackinnon shows the all around versatility of buntal mats.  A grand blocked checkerboard buntal mat for stunning race wear and an elegant free form hat from a swirl buntal mat. 

     Free form buntal mat hat in swirl weave by HatsbyTracyMac 

Buntal mats don’t need to be large picture hats, this edgy cap by Louise Macdonald is brilliant.


North America - USA Warehouse & Canada Warehouse

Simply Laura Millinery's downturned pink and white buntal mat hat with blue satin sash trim made the cover.

Buntal mat hat by Simply Laura

Unfinished, purple & black checkerboard boater was blocked in less than 10 minutes, for demonstration purposes by Carole Maher. Carole was teaching a workshop on working with new materials at the B Unique Millinery Retreat in Vancouver Canada.
buntal mat unfinished boater by Carole Maher at B Unique Millinery Retreat Vancouver Canada
Clean lines of a conical shaped hat with long flowing tassel by Guilia Mio
buntal mat hat by Giulia Mio
An uplifted side saucer with floral trim by Julian Garner Headwear
buntal mat hat by Chris Garner for Julian Garner Headwear
... and back around from UK to Australia.
the UK's Deb Pearce taking a Louise Macdonald workshop in Australia. A fabulous result from a first go at using a buntal mat.
buntal mat hat by Deb Pearce at Louise Macdonald workshopbuntal mat hat by Deb Pearce at Louise Macdonald workshopbuntal mat pre-hat by Deb Pearce at Louise Macdonald workshop
See more images of buntal mat hats in HATalk issue #158.
Learn about how B Unique Millinery buntal mats are made from a palm petiole. 


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  • Will you Please arrange for another Buntal Hat class in the very near future? I was unable to attend the previous class.

    Maria Koruz on
  • Thanks Leanne for the wonderful inspiration!

    Lee St. Marie on

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