Sherry Richardson with B Unique Paper Fabric

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“I love the black and white weave paper fabric and could work with it all day.” said Sherry Richardson of Hats by Sherry.

Black and white paper fabric pillbox by Sherry Richardson

Sherry embraces the art of millinery and pushes herself to explore new materials.  She recently undertook the challenge of working with paper fabric.

Sherry used the black and white weave paper fabric for a couple of charming pillbox hats and a shapely brimmed piece with paper fabric loops.   She also worked with the metallic red fleck paper fabric.  Although they are both made from paper, they move and different feel.  

Red Metallic Paper Fabric Pillbox by Sherry Richardson

Sherry found the Red Metallic Paper Fabric to be a tighter weave and although she hand sews her couture hats, in this rare instance she found that the bias binding of her small pillbox had a nicer finish by using contact glue, the kind that you put the glue on both sides and let them dry and then press the pieces together.  

With the Black and White Weave Paper Fabric she said, "I used steam and traditional blocking methods. It was easy to sew."

Black & White Paper Fabric Brimmed Hat by Sherry Richardson

Sherry brought up an interesting point. "I am concerned about saying it is paper fabric because I worry that people will think it is not very good." Sherry went on to say that she appreciated the beautiful quality of this paper fabric and is looking forward to the next seasons paper fabric weave.  

Sherry Richardson, a professional milliner, has lived and worked in a rural part of South Yorkshire for most of her adult life. She is inspired by the countryside around her.  

“I work organically often using lots of curves.”    

Gok Wan must appreciate Sherry's use of curves in her hats, as she has been invited to create her second collection for Gok Wan’s One Size Fits All event, later this year.

You can find Sherry at:

Instagram: @sherryrichardson6

Facebook: Hats by Sherry


Paris is Pink image credits. 

Model: Paris Tyrell (@paristyrell), Dress: Maedae Creations (@maedaecreations) Photo: Grant Saunders

Paper Fabric in the Australia Warehouse 

Paper Fabric in the London Warehouse

Paper Fabric in the USA Warehouse

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