Millinery Retreat

A Milliners’ life can be very lonely as it is an art and craft that is very personal and something we do on our own.

Why not have a week-end away on the Hinterland of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast at the Studio / Showroom of B Unique Millinery to rejuvenate and get motivated in your chosen role as a milliner which can be rewarding and fulfilling in many ways.

Stay on the property in your own room, all meals included and enjoy 2 full days of hatting.  Learn about all different millinery fabrics, from sinamay, pinokpok, buckram, paper and try blocking many of them.  Block as many hats and bases as you like to take back home – block collection of around 100 with many new ones being added all the time, some vintage and others from different block-makers around the world.  Gain new tips and techniques that you can use immediately.  Browse through the multitude of supplies and get inspiration to take your business to that next level.


Brenda's Background

Brenda started millinery only about 9 years ago and her first ever lesson was with Louise Macdonald and after that week-end with Louise, Brenda was hooked.  She went on to make hats and headpieces for markets and craft fairs.  Brenda’s full-time job at IT Project Manager took her to Hong Kong in 2011, but she continued with her hat making in an apartment in one of Hong Kong’s high-risers.  She traveled back home to attend her first ever International Millinery forum in Wagga in 2012.  By this time Brenda was sourcing supplies in Hong Kong and across Asia.  She started taking some of the unique and different supplies home for milliner friends and hence the millinery supplies business started.  She was one of the vendors for Hats off Brisbane in 2015 where by this time Brenda was working with factories in Asia in designing many of the supplies that they were very unique and different and also working with local Hong Kong milliners in bring well-known milliners across to teach, like Jane Stoddard and Judy Bentinck as well as assisting many other visiting milliners like Catherine Ellen.  Mid 2017 Brenda retired from her full-time project management role in Hong Kong and returned home to a new property on the Hinterland of the Sunshine Coast to set up her Studio / Showroom / Warehouse for her previous label and officially launched on 26th September with many friends and milliners present. In 2018 Brenda took her business to London for London Hat Week and then to USA for Millinery Meet-up. 

B Unique Millinery has warehouses in 4 countries. 

Brenda continues to design and have manufactured unique and different millinery supplies as well as work with milliners worldwide in fulfilling their millinery supply needs.

Brenda has a wealth of millinery knowledge on how best supplies can be used and thinking outside the box!  So why not come away for a millinery week-end.

COST: $450 for full week-end which includes foundation supplies for blocking, wire, glues, stiffener, all sewing supplies.  Additional Millinery supplies and embellishments can be purchased separately.

LOCATION: 151 Storrs Road, Peachester, Qld

To book or make enquiries contact Brenda via

email:  or Phone:  +61 7 5494 9299.