B Unique Masterclass with Felt Fedora - 10th/24th Oct - [Brenda Treasure]

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B Unique Millinery's 2021 Virtual Masterclass Workshop Series.

6.5 hr virtual sessions while you are at home and in your hat making space. This is a 2 day training session.

*** these sessions will NOT be recorded ***

This workshop will be limited to ensure we can maintain a level interaction. If we have a large demand - additional sessions will be scheduled. This also maybe run in other time zones.

Anyone can join this virtually using Zoom, with plans to run these in each of B Unique Millinery's major Regions - Asia/Pacific (this one), North America and EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa).

Chance to test Zoom working correctly prior will also be available.

Brenda Treasure, owner of B Unique Millinery, is passionate about bringing new, unusual and overlooked materials to hat makers around the world.

Brenda's vision statement for B Unique Millinery is "To be the Avant-Garde in exceptional millinery supplies so that our customers and suppliers feel valued and together we can make an impact in the fashion world from Harvest to Head."

Brenda offers something unique in the community with millinery and craft supplies.  She runs hat making classes for local ladies and works with local communities around Asia to understand natural textile making and the production of hats.

Brenda has been involved in the manufacture of millinery supplies for over 10 years now and has shared these supplies with milliners around the world, to now have 4 warehouses around the world.


In this online, interactive, live training, over 2 days, Brenda will teach you about making a wool / fur felt fedora without a fedora block from a Wool felt Capeline and also a wool felt hood.

Day 1: (Stiffening & Blocking) Day 1 will be 2-2.5hrs long and Brenda will teach you about stiffening and the preparation of your wool felt capeline prior to block on a dome block.  This will then be left to dry prior to day 2.  Brenda will also show you how to prepare and block a wool felt hood (optional - to watch or join in).  This is also the same process fur fur felts.

Day 2: (Steaming/Shaping & Trimming) Day 2 will be 4 hours and during this class Brenda will show you the steaming and shaping process to form a fedora or cowboy style hat.  We will also look at layering trimmings using different leathers, like snake, eel, salmon skins and cow hide strips.

Basic sewing skills are needed.

Contact Details: + 61 7 5494 9299 or Mob + 61 419 511 799


Date: Day 1 ( Sun 10th July ) / Day 2 ( Sun 24th Aug )

AU EST: Day 1 9am - 11:30am / Day 2 9am - 1:00pm 

AU DT (Melb/Syd): Day 1 10am - 12:30pm / Day 2 10am - 2:00pm 

US East Coast: Day 1 6pm - 8:30pm ( Sat 24th July ) / Day 2 6pm - 10pm (Sat 31st July)

UK: Day 1 11pm - 1.30am ( Sat 24th July ) / Day 2 11pm - 1:00am (Sat 31st July)

Supply List ...


  • 1 x Wool Felt Capeline - available from B Unique Worldwide
  • 1 meter 25mm/1" Petersham for Sweatband (to match) (poly - as it will hold up inside the hat) (NOT Viscose)- available from B Unique Worldwide
  • Hat Lining - this is optional only if wanted - available B Unique Australia
  • Trimming items - ideas below
  • Optional - Wool Felt Hood - if you would like to try blocking as well

For the trimming, I have used:
- 1st layer - eel or Snake skin as first layer;
- 2nd layer faux snake skin cord with clasp and bollards. 
OPTIONS: First layer could be any strip of fabric, 2nd layer could be a narrower strip of matching fabric and 3rd layer cord, can tie with bollards on the ends or join with a clasp. (B Unique in Australia have a large range of designs and styles)


  • Standard Sewing kit, scissors, pins, needles, tape measure
  • Thread to match project.
  • PVA (White wood glue) - ratio is 2 parts water : 1 part PVA glue
  • Soft brush
  • Plastic bag - big enough to hold the Capeline
  • Kettle or something to boil water and a tub to put the water in
  • tongs or pair of thick gloves
  • Craft or fabric glue
  • Access to a microwave will be useful.
  • Steamer
  • dome hat block
  • hand held steam can be useful if you have one