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Now Available in 3 thicknesses

The weight and thickness of the new Black offering is between the standard 300 and 600 FOSSHAPE grades.

Available in White 300 & 600 or Black 400

Thermoplastic - Fosshape 300 ®, Fosshape 400 ® and Fosshape 600 ®

FOSSHAPE® looks like a white pliable felt, but it’s a whole lot more. FOSSHAPE® is a unique and proprietary nonwoven fabric. FOSSHAPE® is comprised of a specialty, low melt synthetic polyester fiber that when exposed to varying degrees of heat (200 degrees Fahrenheit range) and pressure, you can create a multitude of crafted items.

FOSSHAPE® can be used from costuming use to making lightweight, three-dimensional structures and crafted items… great for costume design, props, millinery, crowns, mascots, puppetry, skull caps, cosplay or wig supports, helmets, light weight armor, fairy wings, artistic sculptures, wearable art, museum mount making etc. Use it for a hidden stiffening aid or by itself for a fully self-supported light weight structure. It’s truly “limited by your imagination” for producing those “one of a kind” items.

Fosshape 300 ®

Width: 118 cm (sold per half-metre & per mtr)
Weight: 300 gsm (grams per square metre)
Thickness: Approx 4 mm (before activation)
Colour: White

Fosshape 400 ®

Width: 118 cm (sold per half-metre & per mtr)
Weight: 400 gsm (grams per square metre)
Thickness: Approx 5 mm (before activation)
Colour: Black

Fosshape 600 ®

Width: 118 cm (sold per half-metre & per mtr)
Weight: 600 gsm (grams per square metre)
Thickness: Approx 6 mm (before activation)
Colour: White

(per 1/2 mtr and mtr)





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