Glue - the right one for Millinery !!

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Choosing that Right Glue and where do i get it have always been that challenge in Millinery ..

Choosing the right glue for making hats depends on the materials you're working with and the specific requirements of your hat-making project.


Here are some popular types of glues used in millinery:

  1. Fabric Glue:

    • Best for: Felt, fabric, and lightweight materials.
    • Characteristics: Fabric glues are designed to bond fabric materials securely. They are often flexible and suitable for hats that may require movement.
  2. Hot Glue:

    • Best for: Great for making feather flowers. Quick projects, attaching embellishments, and securing elements temporarily. 
    • Characteristics: Hot glue is fast-drying and can be used for a variety of materials. However, it may not be the best choice for hats that need a strong, long-lasting bond.
  3. E6000 (UHU) or Industrial-Strength Glue (PVA): 

    • Best for: Bonding a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, and fabric.
    • Characteristics: E6000 is a versatile adhesive with a strong bond. It's suitable for hats with a mix of materials or for attaching decorations to hats.
    • UHU - Check our warehouse's for availability
    • PVA - [Crosslink - B Unique Australia stocks this one ..]
  4. Contact Cement:

    • Best for: Leather, heavier fabrics, and materials that need a strong, permanent bond.
    • Characteristics: Contact cement creates a strong bond and is especially useful for hats that require durability. It's important to follow safety guidelines when using contact cement.
  5. Gem-Tac or Jewelry Glue:

    • Best for: Delicate fabrics, attaching gems, sequins, or other small embellishments.
    • Characteristics: Gem-Tac is a clear adhesive often used for attaching rhinestones and small decorations. It's flexible when dry, making it suitable for fabrics.
  6. Spray Adhesive:

    • Best for: Large surfaces, attaching fabrics to each other or to other materials.
    • Characteristics: Spray adhesive provides an even coat of glue and can be useful for projects where a uniform bond is needed.


Tips for Using Glue in Hat Making:

  • Always test the glue on a small, inconspicuous area of your fabric to ensure compatibility.
  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the specific glue you choose.
  • Work in a well-ventilated area, especially with strong adhesives.
  • Use an applicator or brush for precise glue application.
  • Consider the flexibility and drying time of the glue based on your project needs.


Ultimately, the best glue for your hat-making project will depend on the materials you're using and the specific requirements of your design.

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